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Diablo 3 Expert Mode Master Upgrade The Route Recommended

First of all, I want to say yes, each players are a lot of courage to select the expert mode Master upgrade. Chose this path is destined to ups and downs, always have to do for dead. Today I'm going to recommend two upgrade routes, hoping to help the players. Do not talk nonsense direct to see these two lines.
A: starting from the first level on hard at leveling and sweeping the diagram. All the monsters and maps must clean up clean, kick kick, fried fried, anyway, do not miss any brush. Enter hell mode after the team and other players with the upgrade, has been hit 60.
This line can best meet your game fun, but the only drawback is that the mortality rate is relatively high. This is mainly because the server from time to time cards, the inevitable.
B: a start and ran the task away, all the way to kill, do not worry level is high or low. The first thing you see is Act II of Jordan kul, be sure to kill him, and then use the brain, 90 seconds to brush until 47. After that you can continue the cleaning task to 51 will be able to get through the nightmare mode. As for 51, ??you can brush the blacksmith's wife or demon mother until 54. Then you should look for a friend in the purgatory stage to help you open the first layer of hell torture chamber, is the progress of the Leo Rick mansion, brush 60.
This line is relatively dull, purely in order to upgrade and upgrade. But it has a very attractive benefits, that is, brush 60 can be more than 1.2 million game currency, and the mortality rate is low.
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Diablo 3 Witch Doctor brush Warriors Ling

The witch doctor can be regarded as Diablo 3 tragedy career from modeling to practicality. A lot of players playing playing wanted to change career. But Blizzard still have a little hidden benefits, to the witch doctor warrior of the hills. Today we simply under equipped.
The first is the horse that Zuma ritual knife. This is Diablo 3 inside the MF value of the highest single-hand weapons, and the only witch doctors use. DPS is very low, so selling cheap Yiershiwan. This knife comes with the vampire, the Warriors Ling monster intensive push the bear case, vampire fight back effect. Followed by his deputy, to select high harm the the 18MF snake, because the main hand to give up the DPS, and therefore his deputy, to try to add up to 450 damage more than the upper and lower limits. MF is best attained the age of 18, blue, not expensive. As for the other parts, all with high MF prime conditions, to give up other properties. The head had to be perforated, it is recommended to use the witch doctor's own head, because cheap. Finally, the proposed equipment to find the range and life incidentally lost the ball back to the blood or kill back to the blood, convenient Jianqian and eat blood.
I have proposed are relatively inexpensive equipment, but if you want to maximize access to the game a good experience, in fact, need a bit more powerful weapons, which means you need more gold to buy equipment. Maybe you do not have enough Diablo 3 gold, it does not matter, D3 Gold Game to introduce you to a website professional to do the gold trading, the price is very favorable, you can go to compare the absolute value.
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Diablo 3 Demon Hunt Purgatory ACT3 Brush Scorpion

When the you play Diablo 3 the game 50-60 the purgatory ACT3 is nothing more than a good place for hunting magic upgrade. Of course, other occupations are also suitable. Per minute, where you can brush experience the highest value of 200 000, I can not help but want to share with you my experiences with.
The first is my hunting magic equipment: his equipment plus a total experience of 226, and 21%. The weapon is -14 level requirements, more than 600 DPS, with a burst injury hole. I take the brush is the only brush the door, the door will brush out of the elite. The specific method is to wear more directly turn right, go straight no wonder. And then entered a narrow alley inside to come to a large area. Then pay attention to if it is upper (lower) pathway to keep going, the general immediately, there were a large number of scorpions. But if it is a wide road, it is recommended that the equipment is not good players directly back, the back there are the elite, from whence a waste of time, it is better to re-start.
The above is my own experience, hope useful for you. The last way to recommend a website sells D3 gold , called D3goldgame. Because we all know the entire game can not be separated from Diablo 3 gold, gold is no good equipment, the game will not be carried out smoothly. Gold prices in this site I shop around and find it relatively cheap, and can buy, because I already bought.
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Diablo 3 Game The attention To Small Details

Since the play Diablo 3, stumbled all the way, draw lessons learned from some of the players can figure out some of my experience, so come up with to share with you, what partial leakage at Wang also criticized correct me.
1. Best equipment to get in the game are to keep, even if randomized to the property not satisfied. Multiple sets of equipment is very necessary for a role, magic equipment, blood anti-wear, conventional loading.
2. Diablo 3 weapons base damage is very important, panel DPS weapons close to a property with special requirements, or to a high base damage weapon.
3. Elite monsters. Purgatory difficulty back to the blood, 10 seconds to play started back. In case the character is dead, then the blood in front of destroyed essentially all in vain. So blame the elite leads to the resurrection point and then killed a good idea.
4. Game encounter will shield and whirlpool blame must be careful, immune injury after open and control but also to draw you around, remember not to hard to with the skills to quickly away from the battlefield to save their lives .
5. The last point is the most important point, to prepare adequate gold, if necessary, at any time for their own dress. If you do not have enough Diablo 3 gold, do not worry, you can now go online to buy, I know D3 Gold Game this site is very good, I buy Diablo 3 gold, cheap also rest assured that the transaction in a timely manner.
I have to say on these, after the new little further.
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Diablo 3 DifficultyMonks Equipment Selection Recommendations

Let me first say, I was a novice. Only 57, in the process of leveling just spent for two million auction property heap 300 resistance (left 2000DPS, and 8000 blood), 1000 Agility (remaining 5000 blood ...), and so extreme direction are confused when about 40 frustrating. The so-called practice of the truth, I have a basic understanding of the equipment property of the monks, the budget would like to share to share, so that novices can avoid detours.
The weapon is an important symbol of determining the monk schools: held dodge flow, hands back airflow with one hand shield turtle and flow, I only said that the equipment attributes.
1. Second Injury: a direct DPS increase.
This goes without saying that the hands flow the hands of an ultra-high DPS stick to give you a full screen five the number of ultra-cool injury experience, and the weapons with one hand shield bad will lead eventually strange grinding death instead of grinding death blame.
2. IAS: For dual wield / single hand shield schools with high injury and back to the gas velocity.
IAS is a monk weapon the second most important attribute, a DPS is not so high but the IAS 1.57 glove to make you feel that the skills cast very smooth.
3. gile: direct DPS increase.
Under the premise of equal DPS, agility course, the higher the better, but comes with weapons attack speed burst DPS upgrade to a large agile than explosive weapons.
First to write so many, the thought of what time a little further, there is nothing wrong with welcome, I hope we all do not burn on the way to go. If you did not left much D3 gold, you can go to a site called D3 Gold Game to look, this is the cheapest gold website I found, safe and reliable.
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Diablo 3: Barbarian Hit Back To The Blood Properties

First hit back to the blood of the nature of HPS, especially offensive HPS, so the value is certainly slightly lower than the same values ??per second back to the blood. However, due to the purgatory of the punishment mechanism, the value will be much higher than the percentage of blood-sucking. Waving wildly faster than punch frenzy hit back blood have the greatest gains.

Was tested frenzy back to the blood addition 75% of the panel. If the weapon speed equipment, plus 1.5 times per second, the frenzy of 75% should be 75% of the additional calculations after the weapon speed. Waving the number of times per second increased to: 2.625. So you will be able to attack twice hit back to the blood of HPS. Change to the offensive and defensive balance point and the maximum sustained combat time greatly enhanced. This increase is qualitative, and any other properties can not match. So, for the barbarians, no weapons have hit back to the blood, its practical value is often higher than the blood of equipment does not have hit back 10 times. If you already have the RCC of A2 to avoid injury, hit back to blood and back to the blood per second is the present situation of the real gold property. If the weapon with quick affix the value back to the blood will be another step in like a leap to enhance high damage, so the ideal weapon for the barbarian, perforated, speed, force resistance, hit back to the blood.

Certainly want to have such a good hit the weapon back to the blood is inseparable from the gold, want to have good equipment, you must have more Diablo 3 - gold Speaking Diablo 3 gold I know there is a website of its gold price cost, delivery speed, and absolute security on the account to buy Diablo 3 gold friends can go to this website and see what D3 Gold Game .
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